Boy to Man


12 x 60’

Year of Production

2014 – 2015

Production Company

Seven Productions

Commissioned By

Seven Network Australia



Tribal rituals putting manhood to the test

Award-winning filmmaker Tim Noonan is on an epic quest to discover what it means to become a man. He travels the globe to immerse himself in unique native cultures and experience the most extreme and dangerous coming-of age rituals. Tim endures ancient ceremonies, bloody initiations and gruelling tests of manhood to be accepted as a man of the tribes. Amongst a clan of reindeer people in Siberia, Tim learns to drive a sled, sleeps in the snow, braves frostbite and drinks reindeer blood. On the mysterious Guinea Bissau Islands Tim must pass a series of tests such as being beaten naked, eating bush rats and monkeys and receiving a tribal scar. Deep in Mongolia, as an ancient rite of passage, he must capture and train a golden eagle to successfully hunt a fox in the wild. This is a solitary mission with Tim filming everything himself. There is no backing out so Tim has no choice but to toughen up to survive.

Series 1: 3 x 60’ 2014
Series 2: 9 x 60’ 2015