Dark Son



Year of Production


Production Company

Monster Films


BBC Four



The people of Abertillery call them, ‘the children sleeping on the hill.’ The names of Freda Burnell (8 years old), Florence Little (11 years old), can still just about be read on the weathered tombstones. Resting side by side, they didn’t’ die of natural causes. The young school friends were murdered a few months apart, by the same killer – a local boy called Harold Jones.

For decades, the people of Abertillery have remained largely silent about the crimes committed by the man, the older generation refer to as their Dark Son. But, with the passage of time and a growing body of evidence that Jones may have gone on to commit many other murders, townsfolk are coming forward with their stories - and vital new information about Harold jones.

In this new landmark tv programme, supported by a team of leading forensic experts, the people of Abertillery will turn sleuths and look to answer the question, did Harold Jones go on to become a Serial Killer?

Series 1: 3x60/1x90 | HD | 2018

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