Grudge Race


20 x 30’

Year of Production

2016 – 2017

Production Company

Pullin Media Group

Commissioned By

NBC Sports USA



It's time to settle the feud, start your engines and winner takes all

In this brand new series, bad blood and bitterness are taken to the streets as real-life street racers with long-standing grudges compete in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to settle their feud in front of a live audience. Each episode follows the most incredible characters with genuine grudges. Potential racers use social media to ‘call out’ their competitors, and host and racing expert Willie B matches up the competition. Staged in a safe racing venue, a live audience watches as rivals fight to defend their position and their prized possession, their own car! Negotiations are on the edge and the stakes are high. For the winner, cash and other prizes are up for grabs while the loser has to watch as parts of their beloved racing car are removed. But of course, all is fair in war and racing!

Series 1: 10 x 30’ 2016
Series 2: 10 x 30’ 2017