Guerrilla Gardeners


2 Series 28x30

Year of Production

2014 - 2015

Production Company



Network Ten Australia



The Target: Bleak public spaces, concrete jungles, disused land, roadside wastelands left by councils and developers who don’t care.

The Challenge: Turn these eyesores into beautiful spaces for people to appreciate and enjoy.

Trespass laws and development consent are for the weak. Our gardening guerillas will stop at nothing to make-over barren and unloved spaces. With youth and enthusiasm in their favour, the Guerrillas will abseil, rope and parkour to get to the make-over site on a 20 foot high ledge, or dodge traffic and climb fences onto a gated median strip between a busy freeway and a tunnel. Some of their best work is also done in broad daylight. Wearing hard hats and safety vests as a disguise, they ‘hit’ sites right under the nose of police, council workers and government rangers.

Series 1: 13x30 | HD | 2014

Series 2: 15x30 | HD | 2015

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