My Deadly Relation



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Woodcut Media





Murder is horrific and devastates many lives, but when we look at homicide, we usually view it from the victim’s point of view - how it affected their families and the loved ones they left behind. But what about those closest to the killer?

In this six part series, we tell the story from the perspective of those who knew the murderer best – their family. Whether it’s their father, sister, brother or ex-wife, we hear up close and personal what life was like with the killer in their life. Were there any early signs of their murderous intentions? Did they have any idea of the horror that lay ahead? How did they feel when they found out the terrifying truth?

The relatives will discuss how the heinous crimes impacted those around them and how they dealt with the aftermath, revealing what it’s like to have a murderer in the family… Each story also includes news and personal archive, testimony from police officers and journalists involved in the case, and psychological analysis of how the family have dealt with the trauma.

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2018