Sugar Babies



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Transparent TV


Channel 5



This observational documentary is a window into a world of what generation Z really aspire to and how they are responding to the challenges of coming of age in a material world where a job, a property and financial security are out of reach. As we infiltrate the lives of a diverse group of sugar babies for the first time on TV, we will explore these interesting mutually beneficial arrangements in a post #MeToo world. We will follow our characters as they navigate their way through a world of sex, money and power where everything is up for negotiation.

In this programme, we meet 22-year-old Stephany from Bexleyheath who has been with her 56-year-old, father-of-six sugar daddy, Andy for two years. During a romantic trip to Paris, Stephany plans to introduce her father to Andy for the first time. Tensions run high as Andy prepares to be the first man in Stephany’s life to meet her father.
26-year-old Autumn from Birmingham has been a sugar baby for five years. She has arrangements with four sugar daddies and has been gifted everything from monthly cash allowances to £2,000 shopping sprees. Autumn balances her sugar dating between her university degree and her chaotic home life looking after her family of one dog and four rescue chickens.

Karolina from London has been a sugar baby for two years. The 21-year-old used to work in a chicken factory and can now earn in a few hours as a sugar baby what she used to earn in a week at the factory. Karolina finds her most lucrative arrangements by ‘freestyling’ – placing herself in a fancy hotel bar or club and waiting to be approached by potential sugar daddies. But she doesn’t come cheap – sugar daddies can expect to pay a minimum of £500 for a date with her._x000D_

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2019

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