The Ugly Face of Beauty



Year of Production


Production Company

Crackit Productions


Channel 4



Ever contemplated a little nip or tuck? Dreamt of bigger breasts or a flatter tummy? Dr Christian Jessen hosts the ultimate guide to cosmetic surgery.

In a world where the quick fix and money-making almost take precedence over the realities of drastic interventions, Dr Christian Jessen gives the low down on what cosmetic surgery actually entails. Tantalising adverts and low cost cosmetic surgery have made the surgeon's scalpel more tempting than ever before. But one-in-five patients admit that they're even more miserable with their bodies post-procedure.

Dr Christian meets women disfigured by the surgeon's scalpel, and follows five patients through reconstructive surgery as they hope to repair the damage done by bad practice. Christian also bids to educate surgery-seeking teens at a secondary school in London, and open their eyes to the real dangers of the procedures they long for.

Series 1: 4x60 | SD | 2016

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