World’s Weirdest Restaurants


28 x 30’

Year of Production

2012 – 2013

Production Company

Paperny Entertainment

Commissioned By

Food Network Canada



World’s Weirdest Restaurants serves up the planet’s most extraordinary eateries, crazy characters and curious cuisines. Want your chicken flambéed, hurled through the air on a catapult, then skewered mid-flight by a unicycle- riding server? Or your sushi served to you by a dancing robot? Would you like to eat the bust of a Ukrainian soldier, sculpted from a pound of pure pig fat? Bob Blumer experiences all this and more in this crowd-pleasing series in which each episode showcases four of the world’s most jaw-dropping, show-stopping, taste-topping restaurants.

Series 1: 13 x 30’ 2012
Series 2: 15 x 30’ 2013

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