You Should Really See a Doctor


18 x 30’

Year of Production

2015 – 2017

Production Company

Independent Pictures

Commissioned By

RTE One Ireland



Will our doctors agree with their patients' own diagnoses?

In this intriguing series, patients present their cases as well as their own research and theories to the show’s resident doctors. How wrong or how right do they get it? We follow those who require further exploration on their journey as they go from our location diagnosis to solving their health issues. The self-diagnoses are vast and varied. From sleep apnoea to food intolerances, and irritable bowel syndrome to the fabled underactive thyroid. But are our patients’ symptoms real or the result of too much online research? Led by Dr Pixie McKenna (Embarrassing Bodies, Channel 4 UK) and Dr Phil Kieran, our doctors debunk health fads, explore the latest medical breakthroughs and demonstrate proven medical facts.

Series 1: 6 x 30’ 2015
Series 2: 6 x 30’ 2016
Series 3: 6 x 30' 2017